Sener dating

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Sener dating

The first Ariane rocket was launched from this platform in 1979.

Spacelab was a microgravity facility transported on board the Columbia space shuttle on its space missions.

Artemis is a European Space Agency (ESA) experimental European communications satellite whose mission is to test new communications technologies for improving all areas of navigation, mobile communications and satellite-to-satellite communications.

The satellite’s data transmission systems include a sophisticated SILEX (Semi-conductor Inter-satellite Link EXperiment) laser and SKDR (S/Ka band Data Relay) payloads, allowing Earth observation data from other satellites (e.g.

SENER was involved in the construction of the first European Spacelab, launched in 1992, specifically the EURECA retrievable carrier module, for which it developed the launch-locking devices for the inter-orbital communications (IOC) experiment, two deployable and retractable booms for remote-control and telecommunications TT&C antennas and various pieces of electronic equipment.This information is useful for environmental and crop-forecasting studies.SENER was responsible for the design, development, manufacture and testing of the terminal’s LEO (Low Earth Orbit) high-resistance LLDs (Launch Locking Devices).Launched in 1983, Spacelab was the first European space facility and SENER was responsible for the mechanisms, equipment and systems for the handling, integration and transport of the artifact.The program was a joint mission between the ESA (European Space Agency) and NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Agency), in which SENER was supplier and main contractor for the probe mechanisms system.

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the French SPOT-4 and the ESA Envisat) to be transmitted at much higher speeds via Artemis to the corresponding land stations.

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